Linguistics: An Introduction

By William B. McGregor



Test: 1 — Introduction

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1) Linguistics is concerned with prescribing how people ought to speak their language.

2) Most linguistic signs are symbolic.

3) Onomatopoeic words are iconic signs.

4) Language is a system of signs.

5) Paradigmatic relations are the relations between two items occurring together: for and example are in paradigmatic relation in for example.

6) Which of the following best describes the meaning of Charles Hockett's feature displacement?

7) Only human languages have the property of arbitrariness.

8) Which of the following gives the best description of duality in Hockett's scheme?

9) The Chinese writing system is pictographic, that is, each character directly represents an idea.

10) Systems of signing used by deaf people such as ASL (American Sign Language) are genuine and full human languages.

11) All signs of Auslan (Australian Sign Language) are iconic.

12) All systems of writing represent sounds to some extent.

13) English has 5 vowels, a, e, i, o, and u.

14) British Sign Language is a system for representing English by means of hand-signs.

15) Sign languages like Danish Sign Language, American Sign Language, British Sign Language, and Nicaraguan Sign Language are as similar to one another as British English and American English.

16) People all around the world talk about speaking and language.

17) Which of the following was the earliest known tradition of linguistics?

18) The main division of modern linguistic theories is into which of the following oppositions:

19) According to functional theories of linguistics only meaning is of interest, and the notion of the linguistic sign is rejected.

20) The founding father of modern linguistics is generally considered to be which of the following men:

21) Which of the following is not an example of a sign?

22) Which of the following branches of linguistics is primarily concerned with changes in a language or several languages over time?

23) Roughly how many languages are spoken in the world today?

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Updated: Feb. 11, 2009