Linguistics: An Introduction

By William B. McGregor



Test: 7 — Sociolinguistics: Language in Social Context

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1) The term accent is used of dialectal varieties that differ just in grammar.

2) A dialect continuum is a chain of mutually intelligible dialects of a language.

3) Dialectal variation refers to variation in linguistic forms associated primarily with which of the following phenomena?

4) Which of the following best describes the term isogloss?

5) Dialectal variation can be in any aspect of a language -- in phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, or lexicon.

6) Did Labov's study of the speech of New Yorkers reveal that different social groups use different allophones of the voiceless dental fricative phoneme?

7) Which of the following characteristics is not likely to correlate with systematic variation in a language?

8) Which of the following varieties is not a register?

9) The choice of language by speakers in a bilingual community is not normally completely random.

10) One factor that can influence the choice of language in a bilingual situation is the domain of the speech interaction.

11) Language chioce in bilingual speech communities can usually be explained completely by the domain of the speech interaction.

12) Code switching refers to which of the following phenomena:

13) In a bilingual community choice of which of the following language varieties is most likely to be used to indicate solidarity among members of the community?

14) Code-switching is a bad habit, and should be remedied via education and training.

15) Language shift is a slow process, extending over centuries.

16) As languages become obsolescent they often become structurally less complex.

17) Which of the following is not a cause of language shift?

18) Which of the following is not true?

19) Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese are dialects of Chinese.

20) The situation in which interlocutors adopt features of one another's speech is called:

21) Reduction of word final consonant clusters is a defining feature of African American Vernacular English.

22) What sort of speech variety would a variety of a language used when speaking to animals be?

23) Use of a second person plural pronoun for a single addressee is in many languages associated with which of the following:

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Updated: Feb. 11, 2009